Fishing Reports 2017

June 2017 Costa Rica Fishing Report

Snapper and Grouper Snapper and Grouper Snapper Fishing











June 19: Peter Ramhill wedding group wrapping up festivities with a 1/2 day offshore bottom fishing and had a stellar day with lots of Snapper and Grouper keeping everyone in the action. While the Lucas Conran group headed offshore full day awaiting their Report

June 18: John Matteson on the 36′ Cabo hitting the Tuna Pool with 9 Yellowfin Tuna while John Branham aboard the 33′ Dawson MoonWalker went out for bottom fishing getting 5 grouper and 1 amberjack plus a bonus had a Sailfish on and missed a marlin

June 15: Michael Peters headed out to the FADS after hearing about all the Grand Slams going on at the 120 mark. So off he went on the evening of the 14th for a full day of action going 4 for 4 on Blue Marlin, Released a Sailfish and got a nice Dorado. Closer to shore Tony raised 2 Sails but no bites.

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June 13: Stellar day for owners of Fuhgeddaboudit with a day offshore just on the back side of the Full Moon at 35 miles got into several pods of dolphin and birds working.  The tuna were jumping in every direction.  Getting 11 Tuna throughout the day.  Hooked into a Blue Marlin  and a Sailfish at the same time.  2 Sailfish released.  Meanwhile aboard the 33’ MoonWalker with Captain Rudy Solano hooked into a 110 lb. Tuna that they fought almost 2 hours.  They got another 3 smaller tuna and released 2 Sailfish.

Mahi Fishing In quepos Mahi Fishing In quepos







June 10: Eliron Ozarko and 14 friends joined the Fuhgeddaboudit Quepos Fishing fleet today on 3 boats for a full day inshore. Getting a nice Mahi for the group and a couple of nice Roosterfish

fishing in quepos water fishing in quepos water tuna fishing in quepos water tuna fishing in quepos tuna fishing in queposFuhgeddaboudittuna fishing in quepos





















June 8: Aboard the Queen of our Fleet the Fuhgeddaboudit with owners Tony and Lori guests Michelle and Greg scott Tilton and my self and our crew from MoonWalker had so much Tuna Fun getting 7 of them

May 2017 Costa Rica Fishing Report

quepos boat

May 30: The Fuhgeddaboudit arriving here in Quepos and the Queen of Fuhgeddaboudit Sportfishing went out to test the waters here for her first day from the Marina. Owner Tony Bagliore released a Sailfish. Alex Denes headed offshore on our 33′ Dawson MoonWalker had a Marlin Bite but returned early 😢 due to young passenger queezie.

May 29: Owen Murphy with his girlfriend decided on a half day inshore today and had lots of fun and success with 2 nice Roosterfish, 3 Snapper and 1 Jack.

sailfishing in quepos dorado fishing in quepos mahi mahi fishing in quepos







May 16: Well Jim aboard the 33’ Dawson MoonWalker with Captain Rudy Solano had another stellar day with the release of 2 Marlin they boated 2 Mahi Mahi over 50 lbs. and got another 13 small Mahi Mahi.  While James Price and his buddy fished a full day inshore with Captain Luis Carlos and wanting to do everything themselves had good luck with 2 Red Snapper, 1 Nice Roosterfish and 1 Corvina.

tuna fishing

May 10: Robby Mullin fishing a half Day inshore had lots of fun with Jacks today. Got some luck with 4 yellow tail snapper and some mackeral

May 9: Tim Ferguson and his family aboard the 33’ Dawson with Captain Rudy Solano of course came in with a Tuna Report. Got 3 nice tuna.  They had 2 sailfish bites but not releases.  They also had a Mahi Mahi behind the teasers but he didn’t want to feed.  So Tuna for Dinner it is! Inshore anglers Doug Thompson having lots of bait around but the bite was slow.  They did manage to get some Jacks and some small fish, Happy for their 1/2 day on the water.

May 3: Scott Schaefer along with 9 friends chose an offshore adventure today aboard both the 33’ Dawson and the 36’ Luhrs.  With Captain Rudy Solano on the 33’ The boys got 3 Tuna and released a Sailfish and aboard the 36’ with Captain Champion they had 2 shots at marlin with no conversion, Released 2 Sailfish and got 1 Tuna

April 2017 Costa Rica Fishing Report

quepos charters

quepos chartersfishing in quepos quepos charters









April 24: Day 1 of the 2017 Offshore World Championship with 50 teams competing from around the world we had team 24 from Brazil aboard the MoonWalker today. Releasing 3 Sailfish of 7 bites putting the team in 11th place today. Good Luck to all the anglers here. Looking forward to the next 3 days of fishing.

April 22: Steve Scragg and team from New Zealand practice day for the OWC aboard the MoonWalker were presented with lots of opportunity today 2 striped Marlin and 1 Blue Marlin smashing the umbrella dredges but the anglers were unable to hook them. They did release 1 sailfish and got a nice Dorado for Dinner

April 21: Steve Scragg and team from New Zealand along with their wives aboard the 38’ Luhrs today got a treat with both a Blue and a Black Marlin released. Lets hope it stays this way for fishing days












April 20: Gearing up for the 2017 Offshore World Championship being held here from Marina Pez Vela. Welcoming 51 Teams from around the World to Participate in this exciting event. The next few days will be practice days for our Anglers gearing up for the start of the 4 days of fishing on Monday April 24th.

April 19: David and Ed Reynolds on their second day of fishing headed offshore today aboard the MoonWalker with Captain Rudy Solano and had a delightful day with 5 really nice Yellow Fin Tuna. Loved the hard work of the crew!

April 18: David and Ed Reynolds, brothers visiting from the South of England spent a 3/4 day inshore today with Captain Ricardo, the winds were a bit challenging today inshore however they managed to get a real nice Red Snapper for Dinner. They had 2 shots at Roosterfish but no conversion and they also caught a Barracuda. They are looking forward to their day tomorrow offshore with Captain Rudy Solano. Chris Haik along with his Son and his Dad headed offshore today. Delighted with the first release of a Sailfish early in the am they headed to the Tuna Schools and got 3 Yellow Fin Tuna in a 3/4 day returning to the marina very happy customers.

sailfishing in quepos

April 15: Lori and Tony Bagliore offshore today with their crew released 2 Sailfish and got 2 Tuna.

April 14: The Crew aboard the 33’ Dawson MoonWalker captained by Rudy Solano has a RECORD BREAKING DAY!!! with New owners Tony and Lori Bagliore aboard to experience the amazing day with their crew and invited guests Dan Moran and Manager Leanne Batten. The day started out with a beautiful Dorado caught by Lori Bagliore. The tuna tubes were filled with live Bonita for the quick steam to the Fishing Grounds where there were lots and lots of Dolphins and the company of many boats mostly from Los Suenos. Hooked up quickly the day began with Tuna and then more Tuna and then even more tuna. Leanne was on a 100+ lb. tuna when it wanted to stay with the school running through the pod of spinning dolphin which cut the line. Not to be disappointed everyone including the entire crew brought in Tuna today. Second mate Danny Smith Tucker kept his knife sharp and busy!! A total of 16 Tuna with a Double Hook Up for Women Anglers Lori and Leanne at the end of the day. 4 Tuna 100+ lbs. One of them 150 lbs. a new Record for the MoonWalker.

tuna fishing in queposmarlin fishing in quepostuna fishing in quepostuna fishing in queposfishing in quepos tuna fishing in quepos tuna fishing in quepos

















April 9: Kenny and Terri, Tim and Karen, Scott, Ronny and Leanne fished offshore today on the hunt for Tuna. Captain Rudy Solano steamed out finding some structure at about 12 miles which provided lots of live bait for the tuna bite.  With a report just another 15 miles away for the bite, we headed right there arriving to company of 10 other boats.  Captain Rudy arrived and within one minute we were hooked up with a 100+ lb. Tuna.  Scott first up got it right to the boat when it broke the line with official leader release.  Not to worry there were lots more opportunities for the group.  Getting a total of 4 nice tuna between 60-100 lbs. Lots of Dinner will be the reward.  On the return we were treated with the Breach of a Humpback Whale

sailfishing dorado fishing fishing in quepos grouper fishing grouper fishing











April 3: Jason Dents wedding party aboard the 46′ Guthrie released 1 Sail 1 Dorado 15 grouper and 13 conejo while Derek and Heidi Slovak aboard the 33′ got 6 Tuna and released 1 Sailfish

March 2017 Costa Rica Fishing Report

sailfishing in quepos sailfishing in quepos sailfishing in quepostuna fishing in quepos

















March 25: Heath Copenhaver along with his wife Natalie and the 3 kids had an amazing day aboard MoonWalker with Captain Rudy Solano. Releasing 2 Sailfish and got 4 Tuna one weighing in at 100 lbs. one at 80 lbs. one 50 lbs and one 30 lbs. They will be dining very well for the next few days.

sailfishingsailfishing tuna fishing tuna fishingtuna fishing

















March 24: Scott and Bridgette Cole returning for the 5th time with us here on the MoonWalker had a fun day for the group getting 3 nice tuna for dinner and 1 Sailfish

March 17: Bruce Flitcroft on his final day offshore released 2 Sailfish

March 16: Bruce Flitcroft on day 2 of 3 released 5 Sailfish

tuna fishing in quepos tuna fishing in quepos tuna fishing in quepos









March 15: Bruce Flitcroft on his first of 3 days fishing with Captain Rudy aboard the 33’ Dawson MoonWalker released 1 sailfish, as the Sails were not in a feeding frenzy today and they got 3 nice tuna

snook fishing in quepos snapper fishing in quepos











March 13: James Schmidt on his second day fishing with us but inshore today with Captain Ricardo and Rudy had a spectacular fishing experience with 2 Snook, 8 Snapper, 2 Spanish Mackeral and a Roosterfish.

March 12: Bill with his family whom have never been offshore were a bit hesitant until I convinced them of the phenomenal offshore fishing here in Quepos.  They were delighted releasing 4 Sailfish, 1 Tuna and 2 Mahi Mahi  James Schmidt on his second day fishing with us but inshore today with Captain Ricardo and Rudy had a spectacular fishing experience with 2 Snook, 8 Snapper, 2 Spanish Mackeral and a Roosterfish.

March 11: James Schmidt and his group offshore today aboard the 33’ with Captain Rudy had a great battle with a 150+ lb. tuna getting him to the boat 4 times but the tuna finally won.  They released 3 nice sailfish got 4 more tuna and 14 Dorado.

March 8: Scott Cole friends fished a full day offshore today aboard the 33′ with Captain Rudy. Releasing 4 Sailfish. 1 nice tuna and a wahoo on the line

tuna fishing sailfishing











March 4: Helmut Harms on his second Full day offshore aboard the 33′ Dawson with Captain Rudy Solano released 4 Sailfish and also got 2 nice tuna for dinner

sailfishing tuna fishing











March 3: Helmut Harms on his first of 4 days fishing with us aboard the MoonWalker released 3 Sailfish and also got 2 Tuna for dinner

snapper fishing in queposrooster fishing in quepos rooster fishing in quepos








March 2: Danielle Nelson and her family on a half day inshore this afternoon has great success with 3 snook, 2 big Cubera Snapper one 35 lbs that was tagged and released and lots and lots of Mackerals and Jacks.  Richard Brennan also on a partial coastal cruise and a little fishing got a couple of Rooster fish and Snapper.

February 2017 Costa Rica Fishing Report

Bass fishing in quepos Bass fishing in quepos marlin fishing in quepos tuna fishing in quepos tuna fishing in quepos sailfishing in quepos













February 27: Lori and Billy Anderson fished a full day inshore today on the hunt for that Tropy Roosterfish. They got 2 beautiful Sea Bass for dinner another first for Billy and Spanish Mackeral. Booking next year to come get that Roosterfish

tuna fishing in quepos sailfishing in quepos







February 26: Scott Higgins on the 38’ Luhrs got into the Tuna mid day and got 8 Tuna for dinner and released 1 Sailfish.

February 24: Lori and Billy Anderson were offshore today with Capt. Rudy Solano and released 3 Sailfish today scheduling another inshore day to get that Big Roosterfish

February 22: Loir and Billy Anderson fished a full day inshore today and got a big rooster fish fought him all the way to the boat when he broke off. Also got a jack and 2 Red Snapper.

fishing in quepos fishing in quepos











February 19: My clients inshore today were astounded at the bite.  With a live well full of bait, Mike, Mike, Hampton and Randy spent the afternoon with Rudy with non stop action on 2 Big Roosterfish, lots and lots of Jacks, Spanish Mackeral and sea bass. The Duffys on their 2nd day offshore released 2 Sailfish.

February 18: Clients on the 38’ with Champion released 3 Sailfish

February 17: Inshore clients Peter had lots of action with Capt. Elvis today getting a nice Sea Bass, lots of Jacks, Spanish Mackerals and a couple of Roosterfish.

Jon Ambler and Tim Rogers after fishing 3 days with us headed North to fish with Mitch Howard up in Los Suenos.  They released 2 Sailfish and went out to 52 miles to get that.

February 16: The Duffy Family on the 33’ Dawson with Capt. Rudy got into the Tuna and got 6 of them for Dinner YUM. They are still eating it 2 days later.

sailfishing in quepos sailfishing in quepos sailfishing in quepos










February 15: Joanne & Mark Delaney along with Pat and Maureen Linskey and Dee enjoyed a great day Offshore aboard the 33’ Dawson MoonWalker with Captain Rudy Solano getting Joanne her first ever Sailfish and a release of 2 for the day and then of course with Capt. Rudy at the Helm headed for the Tuna and got 6 nice Yellowfin that were prepared for a crew at Runaway Grill with Shashimi, Poke Nachos and Grilled and Blackened Tuna.

fishing in quepos water tuna fishing in quepos tuna fishing in quepos











February 14: For Jon Ambler and Tim Rogers today offshore with Captain Rudy released 4 Sailfish and also got 2 nice Tuna while others in the fleet had no releases.











February 13: Tiffany, Hunter and her Dad fished offshore today on the 33’ and had the best luck of the fleet with 2 releases on Sailfish and 3 Tuna for dinner

February 12: Johnny A and Tim fishing for their 4th time here in Quepos on the 33’ Dawson with Captain Rudy released 1 Sailfish and got in the Tuna getting 5 for dinner

marlin fishing in quepos marlin fishing in quepos









February 11: Split charter clients BC Atwood with his girl Leanne along with Brian Ireland and his girl Kristin were the only boat in the fleet today to have any action.  First fish on was a 250 lb. Blue Marlin that took 3 hours to get in but they did.  They also both got a Yellow Fin Tuna to provide Dinner for all.  Nice Job BC!

February 10: Inshore today for the Brost group 1/2 day got a lot of bites and got 2 Snook on the Mirse Azul and the group on the Wahoo also got 2. Stay tuned for the offshore reports.

Offshore was really slow today for the fleet, some saying this awesome Full Moon that we have with really big tides.  Our group on the 33’ Dawson Josh Bull who fishes with us often released 1 Sailfish which was one more than several boats in the fleet.

February 9: Jim Brost group fishing both of the 33’ s today. My group out with Captain Rudy Solano released 1 Sailfish and then went on the hunt for Tuna finding the school and getting 8 of them. The group on the 33’ with Capt. Rocco released 1 Sailfish

February 8: Last day of inshore for the Bertsch Family had lots of Sardines before anyone else and ended up with 8 Roosterfish and also 3 nice Red Snapper.

February 7: John Milks and his group of 4 fished with us offshore today aboard the MoonWalker with Capt. Rudy and released 4 Sailfish

February 6: John Milks and his group fishing offshore today had a Marlin on the line for a short fight but the Marlin won breaking the line. They released 4 Sailfish

February 5: The Bertsch family for some inshore fun today got 5 Roosterfish and 5 Red Snapper YUMMY!

quepos fishing quepos fishing quepos fishing boat fishing in quepos











February 4: Supporting the New England Patriots for a fun day offshore pre Super Bowl. Had a Marlin on the teaser first bite. He bit off bait 😱. Lots of pods of Dolphin but no tuna bite today. Released 1 Sailfish

tuna fishing in quepostuna fishing in quepos









February 2: Calling and his buddies for a full day offshore had a great day aboard the MoonWalker getting into the tuna with 6 tuna and released one sailfish

marlin fishing in quepossnapper fishing in quepossnook fishing in quepos










February 1: The Bertsch’s had another great day offshore with s Sailfish for Lynsey and a nice 60 lb Tuna among the nice tunas

sailfishing in quepossailfishing sailfishing sailfishing quepossailfishing quepos















February 1: Robert Stinson and group got 9 Sails today on the 36′ Hatteras

January 2017 Costa Rica Fishing Report

January 31: Inshore action was slow at first but patience is definitely a virtue afternoon bite rewarded with 2 snook, 3 Roosterfish, 4 Snapper, 3 Mackeral and 3 Catfish.  Oh yeah that is a fun day with lots of action.

quepos boat quepos boat









January 29: Robert Stinson with his wife Gloria and Doug and Bev Archer went offshore today aboard the MoonWalker and had a nice day with the release of 5 Sailfish

January 28: Keith Brown and his group headed out on the MoonWalker for a Full Day of Offshore fun releasing 2 Sailfish for the ladies and then getting Dinner for the crew with 4 Nice Tuna

quepos boat rooster fishing in quepos red snapper fishing fishing in quepos










January 27: A half day inshore for Kenny and Terri and their son Willy and Jerry got a Roosterfish and 2 nice Snapper that were enjoyed at Z Seafood that evening.

fishing in quepos quepos water quepos boat









January 26: Kenny, Terri, Willy and Jerry were offshore today on the hunt for Tuna being rewarded with 5 Tuna

Red Snapper

January 25: Inshore action today with lots of sardines already on board. Kenny Terry Willy and Jerry aboard Idra with Ricardo and Rudy headed straight for the Sevegre and were rewarded with 6 nice Red Snapper. Also a Spanish Mackeral

fishing in quepos

January 22: Nick from Canada out with the crew and owners of the MoonWalker today on a hunt for Tuna.  Lots of Live Bait rewarded with 4 Nice Tuna.

sailfishing in quepostuna fishing in quepostuna fishing in quepos








January 21: Tim Van Zoost and his group that love the MoonWalker Crew were delighted on a full day offshore releasing 2 Sailfish and got 9 Tuna to feed the whole compound!

fishing in quepossailfishing in quepossailfishing in quepos







January 20: Freddie and Melinda Gonsalez fishing a full day offshore without their son Mario who was the star of the video a couple of years ago. Today they released a Sailfish and then found a pod of jumping tuna. A little live bait and had a 90-100 lb. Tuna.

January 19: The Bertsch’s off for bottom fish, got some nice grouper for eating then a couple of Sailfish and a nice Mahi Mahi.

snook & red snapper

January 18: Wally, Mike and Jerry spent a half day inshore with Ricardo on Idra and got this beauty of a snook and several Red Snapper.

tuna fishing marlin fishing mahi mahi fishing







January 18: Dr. Flynn and his family having travelled and fished here 16 times in the last 10 years got to fish with us today and became lifers very quickly. Dr. Flynn releasing his first ever Striped Marlin. A nice tuna for dinner and a gorgeous Mahi Mahi.

January 17: The Bertsch’s are at it again! One Mission… On the hunt for Tuna aboard the MoonWalker consistently bringing home the Tuna for clients. Burned a lot of diesel looking for bait but found the honey hole. 11 Tuna one weighing in at 80 lbs! All set for dinner for a few nights.

January 16: Bill, Renee and Olivia on their first offshore trip ever released 3 Sailfish today.  “An amazing Experience” from Olivia.  Looking forward to hosting their son and his future wife.  Capt. Rocco also released 3 Sailfish on his charter.  Tomorrow Capt. Rudy is on the hunt for Tuna.  Stay tuned!

January 15: With lots and lots of inshore snook reports Kenny, Terri, Jerry, Wally, Mike and Victor shed offshore plans and spent the day inshore.  Lots and Lots of sardines but the bite had slowed down.  Getting a Snook, Triple Tail, Mackeral, Snapper and some jacks.

snapper fishing quepossnook fishing queposrooster fishing queposJack fishing queposquepos boat

















January 14: Carl and Renee Wells after a stellar day offshore yesterday, Renee releasing her first Marlin decided on a full day inshore today.  They had plenty of action on the MoonWalker with lots of sardines around providing them with about 40 bites.  3 Red Snapper and 1 snook for dinner, 1 Roosterfish, 1 Mackeral and lots of Jacks

January 13: Larry Dempsey group back again this year 18th trip here to Costa Rica.  Full Day aboard the 33’ Dawson with Capt. Rocco among the other 26 boats fishing the Pelagic Rock Star Tournament would have found themselves in the top 3 boats  They released a striped Marlin, missed a Blue Marlin and released 7 Sailfish.  1st Marlin for them in the 18 years they have been fishing

rooster fishing in quepos watersnapper fishing in quepos watersnook fishing in quepos waterrooster fishing in quepos watersnook fishing in quepos water



















January 9: Long time clients Bruce Karhu and Jerry Robinson had a stellar day inshore with 3 roosterfish. 2,really nice ones. 2 gorgeous snook and a nice red snapper.

January 7:  Gary Van DeVenter fishing inshore today had lots of luck with 6 snapper a Roosterfish and several Jacks with Capt. Ricardo while offshore for clients aboard MoonWalker got 2 nice tuna for dinner and a Mahi Mahi and released 1 Sailfish

tuna fishing

January 6: Gary DeVenter with his wife and friends had a bit of an adventure with Turrialba Volcano blowing and cancelling flights got out on the water yesterday offshore and released a Sailfish and got this beauty of a tuna at 90 lbs. tomorrow they are fishing inshore and we also have clients offshore so stay tuned