Fishing Reports 2016

December 2016 Costa Rica Fishing Report

sailfishing in quepos

December 31: Well a quiet day with only one sailfish release today, hopefully just a lull between the fantastic reports we have been seeing!

December 24: Michael Ashwell aboard the 33’ had a specular Christmas Eve day of fishing with 20 Yellow Fin Tuna between 20 and 40 lbs each. Looks like a great night of eating.

December 20: Clients today had a great day on the 43’ Maverick with the release of a Marlin, 4 Sailfish and for Dinner 8 Mahi Mahi and 5 Tuna

December 19: Raul Medina fished with his boys a full day offshore aboard the 33’ and only had 1 Mahi Mahi

December 17: Raul Medina we had to do a switch from the 33’ to the 32’ with Captain Randy and headed out to find 2 Mahi Mahi today.

dec-8-1dec-8-2sail fishing in quepos







December 08: Peter Awad fishing today offshore aboard the MoonWalker with Captain Rudy Solano released 2 Sailfish and got 4 Mahi Mahi

sail fishing in quepos sail fishing in queposmahi mahi fishing









December 05: MoonWalker today shaming the fleet with 2 Marlin on the line but breaking off. 3 sailfish released. 2 Mahi Mahi and 5 tuna!!

November 2016 Costa Rica Fishing Report


Snook fishing in quepossail fishing in quepossail fishing in queposmahi mahi fishingmahi mahi fishing

















November 26: Lee Ostos and his family headed out aboard the 33’ Dawson with Captain Rudy and Loi Solano after the effects of Hurricane Otto and the Navigation Department forcing the boats grounded for 2 days. Returning with Dinner in 4 Mahi Mahi and 2 Sailfish released. Inshore bite has been really nice for snook and rooster fish

November 23: Jeff and Katherine Corlett scheduled to go out today but there is some concern with the approaching Hurricane Otto due to hit the Caribbean side tomorrow. Airing on the side of caution we will reschedule for Saturday. Fishing for the boats that did go out today reporting close as 17 miles for Sails. The boats that were out at 40 did get some nice Tuna

November 17: Charles Scharf fishing offshore today and amongst some big ocean with this frontal passage moving through released 2 Sailfish but returned early. The 43’ Maverick released 5 Sailfish today.

October 2016 Costa Rica Fishing Report

rooster fishing in quepos

rooster fishing in quepos









October 29: Inshore Fishing results in a monster Roosterfish pictured with Ricardo.

October 23: Ippei Tahira fishing offshore today the water was a little bit better and got supper with one Grouper and one Snapper.

October 22: Lots of boats out today in Green Water and only one reporting the release of 1 Sailfish

rooster fishing

jack fishing

rooster fishing

rooster fishing











October 20: The Gould group fishing inshore today to round out their experience got 5 Roosterfish and 4 Jacks

jack fishingjack fishing











October 19: Gerald Gould Offshore today amongst some not so tranquil seas raised 3 sailfish releasing 2 of them.

September 2016 Costa Rica Fishing Report

tuna fishing in quepostuna fishing in quepostuna fishing in quepostuna fishing in quepossailfishing in quepos


















August 2016 Costa Rica Fishing Report

August 23: Clients had an awesome day today aboard the MoonWalker with the Release of 2 Sailfish and 8 Tunas to provide for an awesome sashimi party.

August 21: First of 2 days out for clients on the MoonWalker and released 2 Sailfish and got into some tuna action getting 6 Yellow Fin Tuna.

sailfishing in quepos sailfishing in quepos sailfishing in quepos sailfishing in quepos










August 13: Steven Brown group on a half day inshore today out for the Roosterfish today had 4 or 5 shots at them with hook ups but lost them in the rocks, glad to have yesterdays offshore report.

August 12: Steven Brown, Brian Feldhouse, Ryan Dellinger and Neil Medlin here for a few days on one of our Quepos Fishing Packages headed offshore today aboard the MoonWalker with Capt. Rudy Solano and Luis Solano and had great day releasing 7 of 10 Sailfish. Tomorrow will try to tangle with some Roosterfish

August 08: The guys today experiencing some rough waters again and had great action with a Marlin on for a quick time before it spit the hook. Releasing 2 Sailfish and rounding out the day with a nice dorado for dinner.

baby sailfish catch

August 04: Chris Wilkinson and his family spent the day out on our 33’ and had a great day with 3 Yellow Fin Tuna, 2 Sailfish, 1 baby Sailfish and a Marlin.

July 2016 Costa Rica Fishing Report

July 19: Karen Nicolai out for a full day offshore on the 33’ today released 6 Sailfish.

June 2016 Costa Rica Fishing Report

June 29: Tony Bagliore and his wife spent a full day offshore with Captain Rudy aboard the 33’ and saw some sails but not very interested in eating that day they released one Sailfish and had better luck with Tuna getting 2 of 8 bites.

June 19: Stephan Braken had some inshore action going for Rooster but missed on a couple, but did get 3 Jacks and 2 Spanish Mackeral for dinner on a half day inshore on Sunday.

June 14: Inshore has continued to be great for clients today 4 Snook, A Snapper, a RoosterFish and a Jack.
June 12: Derek Steiner and his family spent the day offshore today and with great fishing.  Releasing 3 Pacific Sailfish and got 10 Yellowfin Tuna for Dinner.

May 2016 Costa Rica Fishing Report

snook fishing queposrooster fishing quepos











May 21: Inshore action for client Miguel Tellez and Chase out aboard Idra with Ricardo Puluti and Rudy Zabata getting this nice 20 lb. Snook for Dinner and 4 Roosterfish and lots of hits on Spanish Mackeral

tuna fishing in quepos

May 20: Rudy Solano out on the 33’ Dawson MoonWalker today with 5 nice Tuna the first over 100 lbs. Released 1 Sailfish and had this beautiful Marlin to close out the day!  Good Fishing.

May 19: The boys out for some offshore fun couldn’t find a Sailfish today but did get 15 Tuna which fed everyone really well.

snapper fishing in quepos

May 13: Ed Dunklee a long time client and friend here for his birthday celebration started with some inshore action with Roy Zabata getting 7 snook. 2 Roosterfishing and  2 jacks. Happy Birthday Ed!

May 7: Kevin Dodds fishing aboard the 28′ Bertram slammed the Tuna getting 15

April 2016 Costa Rica Fishing Report

April 26: The Levine Family returning to Costa Rica having fished with Captain Rudy last year fishing 3 days with him this trip wanted to some bottom fishing today for eating fish and got some nice grouper and also released 3 Sailfish.










April 24: The Levine Family offshore today released 5 Sailfish.

sailfishing in quepossailfishing in quepossailfishing in quepossailfishingsailfishingtuna fishing in quepos

















April 22: Scott Cole and his buddies from Hermosa fished offshore today with Captain Rudy Solano and for the 6 guys released 7 Sailfish and also got 5 Big Eye Tuna. While Sandy and Laura Koelke out on the 28 released 3 Sailfish and got 3 nice Dorado

Offshore World Championshipquepos charters









April 21: Day Four of the OWC with US Team aboard again released 5 of 18 Sailfish

quepos fishing chartersquepos fishing charters









April 20: Day Three of the OWC 2016 team from Lyford Cay on board experienced a very slow day not releasing any Sailfish,but had 2 Mahi on and to the boat but not in the boat and decided to go for Tuna and got 5 Big Eye Tuna the largest at 22 pounds

quepos chartersquepos charters











April 19: Day Two of the OWC 2016 with team from the US we had a decent day with the release of 5 Sailfish

quepos waterquepos charters









April 18: Day One of the Offshore World Championship the MoonWalker with team 28 from Brazil had a good day with the release of 7 Sailfish and they had a striped Marlin on the line in the morning but never to the leader. But of the Quepos Fleet boats we were among the top boats of releases.

rooster fishing in queposred snapper fishing in quepos water











April 17: Inshore today for Anastastia and Dave they had a great day with 2 Roosterfish, 1 25 lb. Red Snapper, 1 Snook, 2 Jacks and a Spanish Mackeral, while Kenny, Wally, Jerry, Terri and Wanda went South and got a nice Sea Bass and a Spanish Mackeral.

April 16: Practice day for Angola very pleased with their release of 5 Sailfish

April 15: So we are off and running hosting 35 Countries for the 2016 OWC Tournament. Lots of teams practicing today. On our 33’ Dawson with Capt. Rocco today Dan Cassell released 2 of 4 Sailfish, The guys from England went 3 for 6 while Capt. Orlandos guys released 12 of 24. Inshore the water was a bit rough but Kenny, Jerry and Wally got a nice Sea Bass for their efforts.

sailfishing in quepossailfishing in quepostuna fishing in quepos









April 14: Kenny, Terry, Karen, Tim, Wally, Wanda, Jerry and Lisa all out for their second day offshore in search of Tuna and hit gold with 11 Tuna and 1 sailfish release for Lisa who has never caught one before.

sailfishing in quepossailfishing in quepossailfishing in quepos









April 12: Fun days for the MoonWalker crew here with 3 Grouper for dinner 1 tuna and 3 Sailfish

tuna fishing in quepossailfishing in quepossailfishing in quepos









April 10: Gooooood Fishing for the LaRogue Family Gary and Karen along with their 2 daughters Payton and Riley were so excited to set out for a full day offshore today releasing 2 sailfish and getting into a school of tuna and getting 2 of them. Dave, Bob and Rich on their final day of 4 days here had a shot at a Marlin but he was quicker than the anglers ;). Bill Wittenberg of Boston was out with Capt. Ronnie today on the 28’ and released 3 Sailfish.

red snapper fishingsailfishing in queposfishing in quepos watertuna fishingquepos fishing boattuna fishing in quepos















April 9: Well our Hansen group for their 3rd day with Captain Rocco and Santos have once again been delighted with the fishing here in Quepos Costa Rica.  After dining on their Red Snapper from Thursday trip they were wanting more to eat so Rocco went in search of a school of Tuna and found them and they got 2 nice Tuna for Dinner and also released 7 Sailfish today.  Stay tuned for tomorrows report

sailfishing in quepos water

April 7: Roland Witherspoon along with his sons Roland III and Thomas spent a 3/4 day delighted by the size of the Sailfish releasing 8 of them on their last day here in Costa Rica. Dave Hansens group looking for dinner got 4 Red Snapper during a bit of bottom fishing and then rounding out the day with the release of 3 Sails one of which was a double. While Paul Marshall and Doug got a bit of a later start than the fleet but were delighted with their choice of the 33’ Dawson with Captain Rudy Solano releasing 5 Sailfish and got into a pod of dolphins producing 2 Tuna for the guys and had a nice Marlin fight for a bit till he spit the hook. Great day for all anglers.

fishing in quepos watersailfishing in quepos











April 6: Dave Hansen and his buddies returning to Costa Rica again this year and again fishing aboard the 33’ Dawson with Captain Rocco for the first of 4 days offshore with day 1 resulting in the release of 6 Sailfish. Clients on the 53’ released 12 Sailfish

sailfishing in quepossailfishing in queposfishing in quepos









April 1: Jake Alexander and Brad out aboard the 33’ today with Captain Rudy Solano saw many many Sailfish jumping and swimming on the surface but definitely a slowed down bite from the past weeks when daily numbers were in the double digits. Each of them releasing a Sailfish for a total of 2 released today.

March 2016 Costa Rica Fishing Report

March 30: Ed Rust aboard the 33’ Strike today experiencing the slowed down bite releasing 2 Sailfish. They got into a school of Tuna and hooked 2 but did not get them to the boat. Our first mate Loi was out on one of the private boats here and they released 6 Sailfish and also a Blue Marlin which displayed a beautiful dance across the water as only the Marlin do.

sailfishing in quepostuna fishingsailfishtuna fishing in queposmahi mahi fishingsailfishing in quepos

















March 29: Jack, Kendra and Kenden Constable today fishing with us maybe by fate but they had a fantastic day out with Captain Rudy Solano aboard the MoonWalker with First Mate Loi Solano and sub second mate today Alex. Releasing 10 Sailfish and getting in the Tuna with 5 of them on board and also a nice Mahi Mahi.










March 27: Clients today Karen and John with 3 kids ready for action offshore with young Blake being soooo excited, great day although the bite was definitely slow in the morning the afternoon was filled with action for the kids releasing 10 Sailfish.

fishing in quepossailfishing in quepossailfishing in quepos









March 26: Scott and Birgit Cole along with their neighbors here in Costa Rica fished a full day Offshore today with Captain Rudy Solano and had a stellar Day. Scott claiming the best day in his past 10 years of fishing and the boys agreed. Releasing 10 Sailfish and also getting dinner with 5 Big Eye Tuna

mahi mahi fishingmahi mahi fishingDorado Fishingfishing in queposDorado Fishing

















March 24: Scott and Kelly McWhinnie along with Tom Parker and his son Jameson and Tom’s sister Sue headed out for their second day offshore after hearing about the 10 Tuna yesterday, that was the plan for today. Got some live bait and found a school of tuna but they weren’t biting today. So headed for the Sails and released 13 Sailfish, and struck Mahi Gold which we haven’t seen in significant numbers at all lately and got 2 nice Mahi for dinner. Also got treated to a bit of a whale watch spotting 2 Hump backs near the boat. “Catch of a Lifetime!”

sailfishingsailfishingsailfishing quepos









March 23: Chad Stevenson returning again this year with Justin and Jack age 10, Sam and Max tiring of Sailfish after the release of 17 and then headed out for dinner and got 10 Big Eye Tuna

sailfishing in quepossailfishing in quepossailfishing in quepos









March 22: Scott McWhinnie returning with his new bride Kelly and Friend Tom and his kids had a super day today releasing 22 of 50 Sailfish to keep everyone busy

sailfish catch and release

March 18: Client Ken Boatwright a group of 9 friends fusing for 3 of a 4 day stay here with us released 132 sailfish and 7 tuna sealing the deal for their return in 2017

sailfish catch and release

March 15: Returning clients from Argentina for day 2 released 8 Sailfish. Hooking all on their own for 17 shots at Sails


March 14: Client Rick Guelfi and his family aboard The 33′ Dawson with Capt Rocco released 12 Sailfish. While Tyson Granlie and his family released 8 Sailfish aboard our 33′ Dawson with Captain Rudy

sailfishing in quepos

March 10: 13 Sailfish Released today aboard the MoonWalker for the fishing tournament

Dorado Fishingmahi mahi fishing









March 9: Sean O’Donnell and his family fishing aboard the 33’ Dawson with Captain Rudy Solano released 14 Sailfish and had 1 nice Mahi Mahi for dinner.

March 8: Clients aboard the 33’ Dawson on Day 2 of their fishing tournament heated up the scoreboard with the release of 21 Sailfish!

March 7: Day one of the fishing tournament and the 33’ releasing 2 Sailfish

March 5: Clients today with a nice practice day releasing 11 Sailfish

tuna fishingtuna fishing in Quepossailfishing in Quepos









March 2: Tuna Bite is still on here. Mike Stellatos fishing with Captain Rudy aboard the 33′ releasing 4 Sailfish and getting 4 Tuna

February 2016 Costa Rica Fishing Report

fishing charters in queposfishing in quepostuna fishing in quepostuna fishing in quepos







February 27: Clients Carl, Natalie, Ian and Robbie on day 2 today offshore really wanted to catch a Tuna.  With instructions to the crew off they went and got 10 nice Big Eye Tuna and also released 7 Sailfish, While client Preston Hughs and his buddies who were diverted from Los Suenos to Quepos could not have been happier with the release of 14 Sailfish and also 2 Dorado which were prepared for their lunch.










February 26: Our offshore clients Brent Goodland, Blake and Brian Canavan released 5 Sailfish today on a later start.

February 26: Carl, Natalie, Ian and Robbie started day 1 with a half day inshore on Mirse Azul and got 30 Red Snapper and a nice Roosterfish. Stay tuned for offshore afternoon Report

February 25: Franko Moreno, and the boys out for a 3/4 day Offshore aboard the 33’ Dawson releasing 13 Sailfish with multiple doubles. The bite is hot right now and in close 12-13 miles.

February 20: Dave and Amy Freeman offshore for their 5th day releasing 9 sailfish and got 1 big grouper

grouper fishingsnapper fishingrooster fishingjack fishingjack fishingrooster fishing

















February 18: The Fulcomb party 4 of the 12 fishing 3 boats inshore today had the prize money aboard the 33’ Dawson with Captain Rudy Solano having a fun day inshore with 3 Roosterfish, Jacks, 2 Spanish Mackeral, Grouper and 2 Needlefish

fishing in quepossailfishing in quepossailfishing in queposYellow fin tuna fishing in quepos







February 17: Mark & Joanne Delaney, Jimmy and Elaine Connolly aboard the 33’ MoonWalker today with Captain Rudy Solano. Mark who has caught a lot of bad guys in his career but not like his catch today and Jimmy who fishes a lot in New England and has always got skunked had a fabulous day with 5 Sailfish Releases, a double hook up and release and 4 beautiful Big Eye Tuna which provided for Sashimi on board and dinner later this week.

before fishingsailfish catch and releasesailfish catch and release







February 16: Today Jimmy Kimg and his group aboard the 40′ Luhrs had a fabulous day releasing 9 sailfish

February 13: Amy, Pam, Dave and Darren wanted something different from their usual style of fishing so they headed for the river this morning with Justin and had a splendid day. River fishing on Float boats is a bit like fishing while white water rafting in some spots but in between that time is some of the most gorgeous back ground you will find here along the Savegre River. They had a blast and caught a bunch of Machaka.

February 12: Steve Aigen and his group aboard the 33’ Dawson again today with Captain Rudy released 7 Sailfish for the second day for them. Steves Dream to release a Sailfish. He got off the boat and asked what he should do now that he checked that off of the Bucket List. My response was get a bigger bucket. Next year lets go for a Marlin. While inshore was tough with lots of life on the water but not a lot of bites, Kenny and Jerry got 2 nice Spanish Mackeral which proved to be a delicious Dinner!

Rooster Fishingsailfish









February 11: The Godley starting off inshore today got 1 Rooster fish and 3 Grouper and with Dinner List checked off moved to 13 miles and released 4 Sailfish. Tom and Courtney Purvis aboard our other 33’ Dawson with Capt. Rocco released 5 Sailfish today.

February 10: The Godleys for their first of 5 days fishing with us released 2 Sailfish and then hit the Tuna getting about 20 smaller size tuna and also a few white fin sharks going after the tuna.

pacific sailfish catch & releasesailfishpacific sailfish catch & release









February 9: Steve Aigen aboard the 33’ Dawson with Captain Rudy has a wish to release a Sailfish today so off we go to fulfill that dream. They released 7 Sailfish today so dreams do come true. While Wayne O’Brien aboard our other 33’ didn’t fare so well offshore with a little queasiness so opted for a Coastal tour and some inshore fishing for a couple of grouper.

February 8: Kenny, Terri, Jerry, Trish and Jim aboard the 33’ Dawson MoonWalker today. Jim whom had never caught anything bigger than a perch got rewarded with over a 100 lb. Tuna and releasing a Sailfish. Total of 2 Releases on sailfish and 7 YellowFin Tuna one over 100 lbs. The 43’ Maverick released 16 Sailfish today

February 7: Joe Pongonis fishing with us today aboard the 33’ Dawson MoonWalker released 8 Sailfish today

February 6: Inshore today was quiet without Sardines around Idra had 7 Red Snapper and Kenny and Terri had 1 Grouper and a Jack

February 5: Ken and Ian Stead offshore today released 2 Sailfish and 1 Dorado.

Sailfishing QueposMahi MahiSailfish Catch & Release









February 4: Great fishing today, Client released sailfish and nice Mahi Mahi for dinner.

tuna fishing queposTuna fishing queposTuna & GrouperTuna & Groupergrouper fish catchTuna Fishing

















February 3: Fishing has been so spectacular here and for Angler and owner of the MoonWalker Kenny and Terry Bertsch, Kenny says the best in the 15 years he has been coming to quepos. Today Offshore and Bottom fishing on the MoonWalker they got 11 Grouper and 7 Tuna. The Grouper in 360 feet of water.

Grouper fishingGrouper fishing









February 2: Linda Gordon and her family out for a fun day offshore aboard the 40’ Luhrs released 6 sailfish while the Bertsch’s inshore slayed em with 13 Grouper one of which was 50 lbs. and 4 Red Snapper.

fishing in queposFishing in Quepos









February 1: Offshore World Anglers Saso Apostolovski and his team practicing for the April 2016 Offshore World Championship released a Blue Marlin today and the first of Dorado that we have seen lately in this incredible Tuna Bite. While Jason Jones with Al, Brad and Donnie spent their 3rd day here inshore and although there was not a lot of bait got some grouper and spanish Mackeral.

January 2016 Costa Rica Fishing Report

grouper fishing queposgrouper fishing queposred snapper fishing quepos









January 31: Day 2 for Jason, Donnie, Ronnie, Al and Invited Guest Tom Mann, after experiencing a spectacular day yesterday with a Tuna Bite that we have not had here in years and being rewarded with the 150 lb. Tuna and 7 others today they wanted to do a whole different day of bottom fishing out at the Furuno and this paid off as well.  Getting 10 Grouper and a 30 lb. Red Snapper they had more luck than the rest of the fleet that reported 0-1 on Sailfish releases today. Tomorrow they will spend the day inshore so all different types of fishing here.

Tuna CatchTuna FishingSailfishing in QueposJan-30-4

January 30: Again another Epic day for Anglers Jason Jones, Ronnie, Donnie and Al who also had Tom Mann along with them.  Goal for Anglers today again as has been the case Tuna Tuna Tuna.  The crew on the MoonWalker never disappoints anglers with 7 Tuna on board one of which was 150 Pounds, Our biggest Yellow Fin of the season so far.  Also one Sailfish released.  The guys are fishing again tomorrow so stay tuned……

Fishing in Quepos WaterYellowfin Tuna FishingJack Fishing Quepos









January 29: Ed Rust and Greg ready to head offshore this am. Lots of action today both offshore and bottom fishing. The Release of 5 Sailfish, 5 Jacks and found a small school of dolphins and got 1 yellow Fin Tuna

snook fishing quepos snook fishing quepos snook fishing in quepos











January 28: Well our crew inshore today again slated em Filling up the dinner table with 2 Nice Snook, 7 Red Snapper, 2 Spanish Mackeral and then had countless jacks and a couple of Needlefish.

sailfish catch sailfish catchsailfish catch and release









January 27: Ed and Laurie Shearan fished 2 days here in Costa Rica after spending some time traveling through this beautiful country.  yesterday they released 2 Sailfish and got 5 really nice Yellow Fin Tuna around 30-40 pound range so some nice dinners for them.  Today aboard the MoonWalker they released 5 Sailfish, Laurie released 3 and Ed 2. Perfect ending to their trip.

quepos fishingJan-28-2








January 25: Kenny, Terri, Joe Bruno, Jerry O’Reilly, and Joe Hauser aboard the 33’ Dawson MoonWalker today for some inshore action and that is what they got. Countless numbers of Jacks, 2 of 4 nice size dinner Red Snapper and some Grouper, On there way back happened by a Shrimp boat and traded provisions for Lots of Shrimp, Lobsters and Pompano. Quite a day inshore!

fishing in quepos fishing in quepos water fishing in quepos water tuna fishing in quepos waterJan-22-6Jan-22-8 Jan-22-7 Jan-22-10


















January 22: There are amazing days and there are Epic days in the words of Angler Joe Bruno. As the goal on the MoonWalker today was go out for Tuna! I was lucky enough to be invited out by the owners of the MoonWalker Kenny and Terri Bertsch. WOW what a day, After headed to the furuno for Live bait which was attained within 25 minutes we headed out a bit further and first released 1 Sailfish, but that wasn’t the goal it was definitely Tuna. Captain Rudy Solano knows exactly the technique and method for this and within moments were hooked into the first which gave an awesome fight. Right on to the Next and Next and Next. Such a fun day with a total of 8 Tuna from 30-90 pounds totaling over 300 lbs. of Tuna today. It doesn’t get much better.

Bass fish enjoying drink after fishing Bass Fish for Dinner










January 21: Joe Bruno, Kenny Bertsch and Jerry O’Reilly headed out with the famous Roy Zabata today the surf was a bit rough for the snook but they got 2 real nice Sea Bass which will be dinner one night this week The MoonWalker had just a cruise guest for the day Julie wanted to get off land and be out on the Sea. So that she did and enjoyed no land in site and just pods and pods of Dolphin.

sailfishing sailfishing








January 19: Dave Couch a long time client of mine was up in the Flamingo area this week and for the second time got to fish with Capt. Skeet Warren on the BushWhacker. Dave all by himself and released 9 of 10 on Sailfish.

Spanish MackeralSnook Fishing QueposRooster Fishing QueposSpanish Mackeral









January 17: I got an email from clients dated 2007 on Saturday.  So nice to hear from folks who keep the original contact.  Mike and Kent were just North of of and wanted to do a half day trip on Sunday before headed back to San Jose.  So good to see faces.  They come every year but missed the last.  They had an awesome day inshore with 4 Roosterfish, 2 Snook and 1 Jack and 1 Spanish Mackeral,  Looks like some good Half Time Eating!!!!

quepos boatsred snappersnoock fishingsnoock fishingsnoock & snapper fishing








January 16: Today I took our crew from the MoonWalker out for a halfway inshore trip with Roy Zabata on his pink panga. Lots of laughs and lots of fun. Our first mate hit sardine gold with his first cast of the net scoring on bait fish which in turn brought all the other surrounding boats to us to buy bait. With plenty of bait and in search of Robalo the day started.I missed on 4 bites. Despite our misses we did have 2 nice Snook and a Red Snapper. Ricardo also had 2 Snook and a Snapper and went back to the Rocks and also scored 5 Roosterfish for his clients.

Tuna Fishing in QueposFishing in QueposTuna Fishing in Quepos









January 15: Danielle Maxey and her husband and friends returned to us this year again on the 33’ Dawson with its #1 booked crew and had a great day with a total release of 4 Sailfish. Her husband hooked into a Tuna just at Lunch time so his lunch would have to wait Yes 2 hours but he landed this 60 pound Tuna. My Clients of the Larry Dempsey group split up 5 and 5 with the 5 on the 33’ Dawson with Capt. Rocco releasing 6 Sails and the 5 on the 40’ Luhrs with Capt. Robby releasing 5 Sailfish. The Bertram Moppie also had 4 Sails and 6 Yellow fin Tuna and the 43 Maverick as well with 6 Sails and 8 Tuna. Lots of Sushi tonight.

January 13: Bruce and Jerry on their 2nd inshore day with Capt. Luis Carlos were delighted with a couple of Roosterfish, 2 Jacks and a couple of nice Spanish Mackeral which they brought back to the Falls Hotel which has a phenomenal chef and we had a lovely lunch of the Mackeral.

fishing in QueposRooster FishingQuepos Boats









January 12: Mike Jeffers fishing for 27 years here in Costa Rica and the past 14 here with us spent his first of 2 days started inshore and then headed offshore and got into the Tuna and got 15 Yellow Fin Tuna from 15-50 Pounds! While clients inshore with Roy got 2 snook, 7 Roosterfish, 1 Triple Tail and one big Roosterfish 65 pounds!

January 11: Bruce and Jerry heading out far in search of a Tuna for Dinner went out to 50 miles.  No luck on Tuna but did hook 3 Sailfish and had one clean release,  Got to enjoy their Red Snapper from the previous day for Dinner.

red snapper catchred snapper fishingRed SnapperCatfish











January  10: Bruce Karhu and Jerry who have been fishing here with me for 8 of their 15 years fishing here in Costa Rica started inshore today with Capt. Luis Carlos.  Lots of action with Roosterfish, lots of Cat fish, Spanish Mackeral and Red Snapper and this nice 13 lb. Red Snapper.  Tomorrow they will go offshore and then inshore again.










January 8: Dave Hoffman and his son headed offshore to the South for their second day of action, Hooked a Marlin for a bit but it got off. 10 bites on Sailfish and released 4 of the Sailfish.

Marlin CatchMarlin FishingBlue Marlin Fishingquepos boats

January 7: Marlin, Marlin, Marlin seeing 2 today for client Mike Fortune got to see 2 of these magnificent fish, had one on the line but it broke off. No disappointment here with the release of 4 Sailfish and 2 Yellowfin Tuna for Dinner

Yellow Fin Tuna CatchYellow Fin Tuna CatchYellowfin Tuna









January 6: Dave Hoffman and his family had lots of action today getting 4 Tuna for some good eating and released 2 Sailfish. They are fishing again on Friday so check back with us.

Happy Happy New Year to All. We are so pleased to be entering our 14th Season here in Quepos with the top boats and crews available. Reporting live from the docks everyday with the fishing reports.

SailfishingSailfish Catch & ReleaseMarlin Catch & Release










January 01: David Briggs and David Kosternick decided to celebrate the New Year Offshore with us aboard the Carolina Classic with Captain Ronnie and not being disappointed at all with a fun filled day and the release of 6 Sailfish.