Fishing Reports 2015

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December 2015 Costa Rica Fishing Report


December 29: Ed Kelley out on the 33’ Dawson with Capt. Rocco today finally seeing a turnaround on the return of the Sailfish. Releasing 5 Sailfish today. While inshore clients on the 33’ Dawson with Capt. Rudy had 4 Jacks and 2 Snappers.

December 28: A half day inshore today only resulted in 1 nice Roosterfish.

December 23: Todd Reiter out with his sons headed out for some bottom fishing and action and that they had with 10 Grouper and the release of 1 Sailfish.

December 21: Clients out with us today on the 33’ Dawson released 1 Sailfish and 2 Yellowfin Tuna that provided wonderful Shashimi for the group.

Decemeber 16: Kathy Koshowski and her family out for day 2 with some good reports from the 33’ Dawson with Captain Rudy getting 4 Nice Yellowfin Tuna and releasing 1 Sailfish

December 14: Kathy Koshowski on her first day of 4 fishing with us arrived when the bite offshore has been really quiet here after amazing reports through November and into December so Captain Rudy headed to the Furuno for some bottom fishing where there was lots of action for the family with 5 Snappers, 4 Grouper and 2 Amberjack.  Stay tuned for more reports…..

December 13: Karra and Danny friends of the Bertch’s went out for an afternoon Sunset cruise on the MoonWalker and totally enjoyed a coastal cruise and put in some lines on the return and got themselves 6 Mackeral.

December 12: Therese Mathers returning this year for some more inshore action which has been the place to be for anglers. Richly rewarded today with her friends getting Roosterfish, Spanish Mackeral, Red Snapper and Jacks

December 10: Andrew Chilmon with his group offshore experiencing the effects of El Nino with warmer waters pushing out far and like the remainder of the fleet came up empty handed

Rooster fishing in queposRooster fishing in queposRooster fishing in queposBass fishing in quepos











December 7: Mike O’Donnell and his buddies here to seek a tangle with the Prize Fighting Roosterfish. They were rewarded with 4 Roosterfish and a Big Eye Jack. Offshore saw lots of Mahi Mahi today

December 6: A bit slow for the fleet today on Sails but clients got a nice dinner fish with a Mahi Mahi

December 2: Clients out on the 33’ Dawson released 1 Sailfish and had 1 Tuna as well

December 1: Gabriel Fletcher out with Capt. Rudy saw some sails but they weren’t eating today. But thankfully a nice Mahi Mahi was and served up dinner for these folks.

November 2015 Costa Rica Fishing Report

November 28: Anne Soderman on the 33′ Dawson today releasing 2 sailfish and 1 strike on a Marlin. Lots of Msrlin around

November 27: Brian Boeing on his final of 3 days on the Dawson seeking a Marlin got lucky enough to have 2 in the spread today but no release but did release a sailfish

November 26: Happy Thanksgiving to all. We are very blessed to be here in our 14th season in Quepos and still with fabulous fishing reports. Mike Favre and his wife Darlene and family celebrating today offshore with Capt. Rudy on the 33’ Dawson MoonWalker with sites on 2 Marlin today but no conversion to a release. However they did release a Sailfish.

November 25: Brian Boeing set off for his second day offshore today aboard the 33’ Dawson specifically seeking a marlin and only had luck with Sailfish releasing 2 Sailfish today.

Sailfishing Quepos Sailfishing in Quepos Sailfishing in Quepos Water Mahi Mahi Fishing in Quepos

November 23: Waking up to Sunny Skies and calm waters Sherry and Brian Boeing and their group arrived at the Marina for their first of 3 days fishing with us aboard the 33’ Dawson MoonWalker with Capt. Rudy Solano. Leaving nothing to be desired a great day for all of them. Releasing 5 Sailfish and also getting a Mahi for some dinner. Lots of fun and looking forward to Wednesday!

Tuna Fishing Tuna Fishing Quepos Tuna Fishing in QueposTuna Fishing Quepos Tuna Fishing Quepos










November 20: Well after the big swells on Wedneday, the Savages woke up this am to nice flat seas and headed offshore today by themselves with Capt. Rudy Solano being away from the fleet today we were hit with some nice luck and hitting a school of Yellowfin with a total of 4 today, the first an 8 lber, then another football size 15 lb. yellowfin then a 100+ lb. Yellow fin on the line but spits the hook.  Finalizing the day with a 120 lb. Yellow Fin Tuna setting the standard for the crews.  Shashimi!!!!

Sailfishing Quepos

November 18: Today for Paul Savage and his group on the 33’ Dawson MoonWalker despite some big swells out there went to 40 miles and worked back to Release a Sailfish at 35 miles.  Clients on the 33’ Strike with Capt. Nano got some dinner luck with 1 Mahi and clients aboard the 31’ with Capt. Manuel got 3 Mahi on a half day charter.  Mucushla out of Los Suenos found some action with a Marlin, Sails and Dorado under a log however when the other boats showed up there was no more action.

November 12th: The Butlers out with Capt. Rafa had a Marlin come up but no conversion and was the only action of the day.

November 10th: Clients out with Capt. Rafa today having the most luck in the Fleet with a Marlin, a Sailfish and 2 Mahi Mahi

October 2015 Costa Rica Fishing Report

400 pound Blue Marlin400 pound Blue Marlin







October 12: Josh Amiot fishing today with us aboard the 33’ Dawson with Captain Rudy. Clients hooking up with their “Catch of a Lifetime!” Releasing a 400 pound Blue Marlin!

September 2015 Costa Rica Fishing Report

September 2: Jeromey Ward and his buddies went offshore today with Capt. Rudy and had spectacular success on the Tuna picking up 6 Yellowfin for some good Sashimi and also released 2 Sailfish

August 2015 Costa Rica Fishing Report

Dorado Fishing in Quepos

August 29: Phil Kinney spent a day offshore with no luck on Sails but go a couple of nice Mahi for Dinner

August 15: Laura Feely and her family enjoyed the luxury of our 44’ Luhrs with Captain Jesus and Memo today starting off inshore for a nice snapper and a corvina and then went offshore for a Sailfish release and a beautiful Tuna for Dinner.

July 2015 Costa Rica Fishing Report

Triple Tail Fishing Quepos Barracuda Fishing Quepos Triple Tail Fishing Quepos









July 15: Jon Petty took his kids for a Half day of inshore fishing and got one nice Triple Tail, 3 Barracuda and 2 needlefish.

June 2015 Costa Rica Fishing Report

Rooster Fishing Quepos Rooster Fishing Quepos Rooster Fishing Quepos









June 26: Richard Spitzer had lots of fun on a half day charter with Grouper, Snapper and 4 RoosterFish.

Rooster Fishing Quepos

June 23: Michael Kalmes and his wife spent a half day Inshore and had some fun tagging a Roosterfish for Gray Taxidermy

June 22: Susan Veasey in a half day Offshore had a good morning bite and released 2 Sailfish and also got 3 Mahi Mahi for a great dinner.

Snook Fishing in QueposSnook Fishing QueposSnook Fishing









June 13: Joshua Bull returning to Quepos after having a great trip with his brothers and his Dad here in May here with his wife for the weekend spent a half day inshore with lots and lots of top water fishing with Mullet and light tackle boated 3 beautiful snook and with lots more bites, lots of action and lots of fun.

Snook FishingSnook Fishing QueposSnook Fishing Quepos









June 11: Nikki and her husband visiting here in Costa Rica and wanted to take advantage of the fishing after hearing from her friend Marthas catch of a giant Black Marlin a few years back. they released 1 Sailfish and had so much action bottom fishing and got 5 snapper and 7 Grouper so great for dinner.

Spanish Mackeral Quepos Spanish Mackeral Quepos









June 6: Nikki having time for a half day inshore released a nice Roosterfish and a Spanish Mackeral

May 2015 Costa Rica Fishing Report

May 26: Marlin, Marlin Marlin abound for Chuck Wilson and his kids.  5 Marlin Bites today, 2 hooked up 1 bill wrapped itself in the teaser line and jumped all over the place and he was a monster line was cut and the 2nd broke the line but proved for a really fun Marlin fishing day.  Clients on the 31 had one wahoo and 1 small tuna.

Red Snapper Fishing QueposFood in Quepos











May 21: Jamie Alexander and his wife with some fly ambition but conventional as well spent an eventful half day inshore with Pepsi having some shots on the fly but unsuccessful in the conversion, however conventionally had 3 nice snook, 3 Roosterfish and several Jacks.  Nice half day.

Snook Fishing QueposSnook Fishing QueposRooster Fishing Quepos











May 18: The offshore reports have been very very sparse this week,  Only a couple of captains out there reporting 1 Sailfish in a Full Day Offshore, hoping the bite will turn around for our anglers by the end of the week.

May-11-1 May-11-3May-11-2











Sailfishing QueposMarlin Fishing in QueposSailfishing Quepos









May 10: The Aultman group of 8 adults all High School friends here celebrating their 50th Birthdays spent a Full day offshore aboard the 33’ Dawson and having lots of fun with the release of 2 Sailfish and 1 nice Mahi Mahi for Dinner. While Alejandro Rodriguez having never released a Sailfish before took on a 3/4 day offshore with captain Rafa and after releasing his first Sailfish hooked into a 400 lb. Black Marlin which took him well past his 3/4 day 😉 and released his bucket list Fish!!!

Sailfishing Quepos

May 9: Day 5 wrap up for Joshua, Justin and Patrick Broome finishing their 5th day with 4 Sailfish and yes another Blue Marlin feeding under a log most of the day finally enticed in the afternoon!

Fishing in QueposDouble Hook Sailfishing Quepos









May 8: Day 4 for the Broome boys and their dad with the release of 6 Sailfish today.

Sailfishing in Quepos Sailfishing in Quepos Marlin Fishing in Quepos Marlin Fishing in Quepos Marlin Fishing in Quepos Marlin Fishing in Quepos

















May 8: Some days are just plain AMAZING out on the Water today having one Happy Family out there with the release of one Sailfish but 4 Bites on Marlin and a Double Hook up on the Marlin, one breaking the line but the other to the boat after putting on its phenomenal Dance in the Sport for Kings.

Sailfishing in Quepos Fishing in Quepos Marlin Fishing in Quepos









May 6: Well after a very slow day one and Dad Arnold Broome releasing one Sailfish for their practice day,  Day 2 brought the 1st Sailfish release for Patrick Broome and Joshua after fighting this beautiful Blue Marlin at 350 lbs for an hour and a half released this beauty back in for a great second day.  Tomorrow will be inshore so lets see how they do.  Chris Pinckney and Richard on the 33’ with Captain Rocco found a log and underneath a mine of 14 Dorados.

Rooster Fishing QueposSailfishing in Quepos









May 5: Well with all this crazy surf and destruction by the sea today was a challenge for anglers fishing inshore having to stay away from the shore and surf and fishing the Rock Structure Chris Pinckney and Richard Adan arriving at noon did a half day inshore with Ricardo and Rudy and got 2 Roosterfish  and 2 Jacks,  Hope the offshore bite turns a bit, Todays anglers, Josh Broome with his Dad Arnold and brothers spent the first of 5 days here fishing and slow for all the fleet releasing only 1 Sailfish,  Clients on the 33’ Dawson with Rocco also released 1 Sailfish and also had a Mahi.

April 2015 Costa Rica Fishing Report

Sailfishing in Quepos

April 27: Peter Getman returning to Quepos for the third time this season brought 5 of his children offshore today and released 7 Sailfish so everyone got a great opportunity to release a Sailfish.

April 16: Day 4 with Team 21 from Western Austrailia aboard the MoonWalker currently ranked in 19th the team, hoping for a great day with a lot of fish. Stay tuned…….

Day 3- Offshore World Championship Quepos Costa Rica

April 15: Day 3 Offshore World Championship, Quepos Costa Rica, so Day 3 results are 722 Sailfish Released, 3 Blue Marlin, 1 Black Marlin, 3 Dorado and 1 Tuna. So with one more day of fishing the teams are out there vying for the top spot. MoonWalker in 25th at lines out today. Tuna Bite leading the pack followed by Epic and Sea Fly.

Day Three of the 16th Annual Offshore World Championship sport fishing tournament continued to re-write the record book. By lines out, anglers tallied 721 sailfish, 3 blue marlin and 1 black marlin to bring the three day total to 2,492 billfish releases beating last year’s record three day total by 178.

Day 2- Offshore World Championship Quepos Costa RicaDay 2- Offshore World Championship Quepos Costa RicaDay 2- Offshore World Championship Quepos Costa Rica











April 14: Day 2 of the OWC 2015. Team 38 Bermuda aboard today. Stay tuned for report at lines out of water.

The result was a new single day tournament release record with 940 sailfish, one black marlin and one striped marlin. The white-hot bite continued from Day One with several teams recording multiple double and triple hook-ups during the day. Team Torneio de Peixes de Bico, Brazil, released 30 sailfish and weighed a 28-pound wahoo to claim the top team spot for Day Two with 6,028 points. The championship anglers mainly target sailfish, worth 200-points per release. A blue, black or striped marlin will earn 500-points per release. Tuna, wahoo and dorado, also score team points and count for individual prizes.

The MoonWalker in position 21 of the 67 boats

Day 1- Offshore World Championship Quepos Costa RicaDay 1- Offshore World Championship Quepos Costa RicaDay 1- Offshore World Championship Quepos Costa RicaDay 1- Offshore World Championship Quepos Costa Rica









April 13: Day 1 of the Offshore World Championship here in Quepos Costa Rica. with 67 participating Boats here out of our fleet in Quepos and boats from the entire Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. 67 Teams consisting of 317 Anglers all striving for the top spot. Today on the MoonWalker with Capt. Rudy Solano at the Helm and First Mate Kelvin Chaves Nunez hosting team #35 from Barbados. Releasing 15 of approximately 38 bites on Sailfish put them in a healthy 20 position at days end and lines out of the water. Final counts for day 1 were 814 Sailfish released, 5 Blue Marlin, 1 Black Marlin and 4 Dorado. Lets see what tomorrow brings.

April 12: Offshore for the Bertsch’s aboard the 28’ was a slow day with the release of 1 Sailfish and 1 Mahi Mahi, Hope things turn around tomorrow for the first day of the Offshore World Championship 2015 here in Quepos Costa Rica

Fishing BoatSnook Fishing in QueposRooster Fishing in QueposSnook Fishing in Quepos











April 11: In preparation for the Offshore World Championship, Anglers from all over the World decended upon Quepos Costa Rica this week-end for some pre-fishing practice days.  With Spain aboard the 33’ Dawson today they released 4 Sailfish and anglers aboard the 35’ Cabo released 5 Sailfish and the 31’ released 3 in a half day.  This tournament mandates that the anglers complete the full task of setting lines, hooking fish and releasing the fish.  Inshore I got a chance to spend half of the day with Roy Zabata responsible for the World Record Snook caught here last year weighing in at 59 lbs. 8 oz.  The day was a bit slow in the morning for live bait not finding schools of sardines for a bit.  When we did we obtained 25 or so on the Cervicke rigs and headed towards Parrita.  The first Sardine yielded a nice 20 lb. Snook, Second Sardine I had a big snook on but it jumped and danced its way off my hook.  Next Cast and I had a nice Rooster Fish.  Friends on the 28’ Carolina Classic ran out of bait so we gave them 5 which produced a Nice Red Snapper.  Continuing with our day we had 1 more Rooster fish and then the last sardine of mine yielded another 15 lb. Snook.

Quepos Boat Fishing in Quepos Water









April 9: Robin and Ryan Effa wanted to experience some offshore fishing here in Quepos. They scheduled a 3/4 day offshore and had 5 Sailfish Bites and released 2 of them and were quite delighted.  Some Captains reporting a slow bite with the Choates releasing 2 Sails today and other Captains doing great Rafa had flyfisherman Raise 5 but the Sails didn’t want to bite the fly so they switched to conventional and released 15 Sailfish. While pre-tournament fishing for the 2015 OWC being held here April 12-17 clients aboard the 45’ with Capt. Billy released 5

Sailfishing QueposSailfishing in QueposSailfishing Catch









April 8: Kirk Hegwood with his 2 buddies Chris and Dave boarded the 35’ Cabo for a day of Offshore on the pristine waters off of Quepos Costa Rica, returning to the Marina with the release of 8 Sailfish and just so pumped about the experience offshore and of course our crew.


Fishing in Quepos Water

April 7: Bill and Alicia Choate along with their son Mitchell and his friend Carson returning here to Quepos after their last trip 8 years ago.  So wonderful to connect with clients that have fished with you before and hear that they are still excited about that day of fishing.  8 years ago Mitchell just a small boy was the talk of the fleet as he spoke perfect Spanish and entertained the crews all day over the Radio while releasing 17 Sailfish on that first trip.  Today they were aboard our 33’ Dawson and had an equally successful day fishing with the release of 15 Sailfish of 20 Fish Raised and also had a Mahi Mahi.  Hope it is not another 8 years before we see them again.

Red Snapper Fishing

April 04: Chad Stevenson and his son Jack spent their last of 10 days here in Costa Rica offshore aboard the 33’ Dawson with Capt. Rocco and First Mate Gabrielle releasing yes 18 Sailfish today.  Continuing great Double Digit Fishing Reports.

March 2015 Costa Rica Fishing Report

Sailfishing Quepos

March 30: Tom Conch returning for a second time this year with his family took his boys offshore and boy did they have a blast releasing 6 Sailfish and a Mahi Mahi.  As soon as they came back to the Marina they were looking to book another day.

March 28: Double Digits for the Jolly Roger fishing team!  Releasing 20 sailfish

Fishing in Quepos

March 27: Well the Jolly Roger Fishing Team return to Quepos Fishing Packages again this year and not disappointed with their first day, 4 of the team on the 33’ Strike released 5 for 6 on Sailfish, 1 for 3 on Marlin and also had 2 Mahi Mahi, the second group on the 33’ Dawson went 4 for 6 Sailfish releases and also saw a whale breach and a Thresher Shark and of course lots of dolphins. Lets hope tomorrow is as exciting for them out on the water

March 26: As the final day for the Wilcox group they had a half day inshore which proved to be more fun in the boat as the bite was slow. They did have a monster Rooster on for some time but lost it and only landed one Jack

Sailfishing QueposFishing Quepos

March 25: Steve Wilcox group for their second day offshore Released 4 Sailfish today down from 14 yesterday.

March 24: Steve Wilcox group for their first of 3 days fishing had a stellar day with Double Digits on Sailfish Releases getting 14 of 20 Bites on Releases.

Sailfishing Quepos

March 24: Steve Wilcox group aboard the 33’ Dawson with Capt. Kevin had a great day with double digits releasing 14 Sailfish today. Fishing two more days, stay tuned….

March 23: Kevin Heller so pumped after a charter with 10 people today stepped down in boat size and released 7 Sailfish and 1 Mahi Mahi

Sailfishing in Quepos
March 22: If you had one wish what would it be:  Well this is not quite surfing but was included in a trip to Costa Rica for Julia with her Dad Peter who released his biggest Sailfish thus far.  Releases of 7 Sailfish and one Giant Mahi Mahi which Julia reeled in and provided Dinner for the night.

Sailfishing in Quepos

March 21: New Moon in full force today as clients with Capt. Rafa released 13 Sailfish

March 20: Truly a mixed bag for anglers today while the Moultons, Kerry, Mark, Dillon and Kasey released only one Sailfish the anglers they had join them from an assistance released 3 and the Captain on the 43’ released 9 Sailifish and also had a Mahi Mahi

Sailfishing In Quepos

March 19: Doug Combs and Betsy releasing 7 Sailfish today, One Trip to Costa Rica, One Day to Fish and One Shot at fulfilling dreams.  Check and done.

March 18: The Leavitt Family had an awesome day out on the water aboard the 35’ Cabo having the kids release all the fish “Bigger than Them”  Releasing 4 of 6 on Sailfish while the 31’ also released 6 Sailfish today.

Fishing In Quepos Sailfishing In Quepos









March 16: Brett Prichard and his girl along with Logan Dahmes released 5 Sailfish today and had an amazingly great experience.

Sailfishing In Quepos

March 15: Todays clients with 6 on board were happy to have all released their first sailfish each and came back after releasing 6 Sailfish at 2:30  Happy customers!

March 12: Alan Kenter on his 2nd full day offshore with us aboard the 28’ Carolina Classic releasing 17 Sailfish another Double digit day for Father and son and clients Karen Crouch on the 33’ Dawson releasing double digits as well with 11 Sailfish released.

Sailfishing In QueposSailfishing QueposSailfishing Quepos









March 11: Gary Willis aboard the 33’ Dawson having enjoying another Double Digit Day with the release of 15 Sailfish. Alan Kenter and his son on their first of 3 days aboard the 28’ Carolina Classic released 5 Sailfish.

March 9: Jared and Alissa Anderson hearing of the awesome bite going on headed to Quepos to experience World Class Sportfishing with Quepos Fishing Packages and that they did.  Releasing 15 Sailfish today! Needless to say they were very pleased with a Double Digit Day.

Sailfishing In QueposSailfishing Quepos









March 6: Victor and Russ fishing their second day aboard the 33’ Dawson with Capt. Kevin were thrilled to say that in 2 Days they released over 40 Sailfish, Not a bad week-end for them!  With 24 on Friday and 17 Releases on Saturday.

Sailfishing in QueposSailfishing in QueposSailfishing in Quepos








March 5: Full Moon fishing???? 24 Sailfish released today for Victor and Russ aboard the 33’ Dawson with Capt. Kevin. Manguera reports the same 24 releases on Sails.

Quepos Boat

March 4: Randy and Joe Meland aboard the 33′ Dawson thrilled to have released 22 sailfish today. Much I need of a massage!

Quepos FishingFishing In QueposSailfishing In Quepos









March 3: Michael Kalmes returned to Quepos from Dominical today to fish for the third year in a row aboard the 33’ Dawson and had a stellar day releasing 11 Sailfish.  Being just a day away from the Full Moon we will see if these great reports stay with us.

Quepos FishingQuepos Fishing




March 2:  Amy Godley, Laura, Dave and T spent their final day of 4 with the Chaves brothers aboard the 33’ Dawson and doing all of the work in hooking and releasing their Sailfish released 5 today and also gave Kenneth an opportunity to release his first ever Sailfish.  While Dustin, Dallas, Steve, Dick and the boys here from Alaska spent the best day of their lives on the 33’ Dawson with Captain Rocco releasing 11 Sailfish.  Clients with Capt. Manuel released 14 Sailfish today.

Yellow Fin Tuna Fishing in QueposDouble Hook Sailfishing Quepos









March 1: Amy Godley, Laura, Dave and T spending their 3rd day fishing with us went out with the Chaves brothers on the 33 and had a stellar day releasing 10 of the 20 bites.  Wanting some fly fishing action they had the shot at about 4 with no conversions but happy for the opportunity and the day was made with a Yellow Fin Tuna.

February 2015 Costa Rica Fishing Report

Fishing in QueposFishing Trip in QueposDolphins in QueposFishing in QueposSailfishing in QueposSailfishing in Quepos

February 28: Chris Gault and Jon Dahlager did a full day offshore today running through lots of Pod of Dolphin they had the shot at about 10 fish but releasing 2 of those sailfish.February 27: Brian, Jon, Tim and Dean on their third and final day on the 33 released 4 Sailfish and Amy Godley group inshore fulfilled a dream of getting her first Roosterfish

February 26: Amy Godley group on their first of 4 days of their Quepos Fishing Packages had a great day offshore aboard the 28’ with Capt. Ronnie releasing 4 Sailfish which was high number of releases for the fleet today and this week. George Edwards and Shelley celebrating her birthday today aboard the 33’ Dawson with Capt. Kevin released 2 Sailfish, Kyle Johnson on a half day trip released a Sailfish first thing and at 9 miles, mission completed and our Inshore clients Joe, Ron and skip for their third day here fished inshore on the 27’ Costa with Ricardo and had 4 Roosterfish, 6 Jacks and 2 nice Spanish Mackeral. Nice day both inshore and offshore for our anglers.

Sailfish Caught & Release

February 25: While Lee Garrod, Andy Stahly and all their kids filled in their one day at leisure here with a trip aboard the 33’ Dawson they were lucky enough to release 3 Sailfish and 3 Grouper and lots of bottom fish action to keep the kids busy while Brian, Jon, Tim and Dean aboard the 33’ Dawson with Michael at the Helm today also released 3 Sailfish.

Quepos Fishing CharterFishing in Quepos











February 24: While Noreen Perret’s husband her son Austin, Sandra Barr and her Dad who have fished with us in the past decided on a half day inshore this afternoon and got 7 Jacks, no dinner but had fun the morning clients inshore released 1 snook and 1 Roosterfish. While offshore Joe Loicano, Ron and Skip wanted to Bottom fish out at the Furuno it was slow and they caught some small groupers and then moved offshore at 1;00 and released 2 Sailfish.

February 23: George Edwards and his wife Shelly had a great day inshore with Luis Carlos releasing 5 nice Roosterfish and offshore Brian Treece, Jon Ambler, Dean and Tim released 3 Sailfish.

Sailfish in QueposSailfish in Quepos









February 22:  Joe Loicano, Ron and Tom spent their first of 3 days fishing with us offshore and released 4 Sailfish,  clients with Manuel released 4 Sailfish as well.

Sailfishing in QueposSailfishing Quepos









February 21: David Livingston and his family offshore today released 3 Sailfish, the bite was a morning bite today as Johnny Garafolo and Howard also offshore released 3 Sailfish while Chris from Central American Fishing on the 28’ released 7 Sailfish

Sailfishing in QueposSailfishing QueposQuepos Sailfishing









February 19: Joe Kraus and his family fishing with us after meeting a client from last year on the plane, had a great day releasing 9 Sailfish today.

Sailfishing in Quepos

February 17: Tom Rawn aboard the 28’ with Capt. Ronnie released 10 Sailfish today while Taylor Purdue and his family aboard the 33’ with Capt. Kevin released 8 Sailfish today.

February 14: AMAZING Fishing Reports today. Rafa on the 28’ Released 36 Sailfish, Jose on the 43’ 20 Sailfish, Manuel on the 31’ 17. Our client Josh Bull got on the 33’ this morning and said he would like a Marlin well Bucket List Requests fulfilled he got a 250 lb. Blue Marlin and 7 Sailfish and all by 2:00.

February 13: David Dixon and his family on a 3/4 Day released 7 Sailfish and had a Mahi Mahi for dinner. All the kids (6) of them had a blast catching fish bigger than them. Sebastian and family aboard the 45’ Viking released 7 Sailfish as well.

Sailfishing QueposSailfishing in Quepos









February 11: Lots going on today for our Anglers Curtis Backus on a morning 1/2 day Inshore had 2 really nice Roosterfish and a Spanish Mackeral, while the James Olquin group having been pushed from River fishing with the late night rain did a half day in the afternoon and had great fun releasing 3 Roosterfish and lost a couple as well and also had 3 Spanish Mackeral while offshore Alissa DiBelle and Eddy on a 3/4 day offshore with Rafa released 5 Sailfish and John and Shauna Doda along with Randy Bowen and his wife released 3 Sailfish. Clients aboard the 28’ with Captain Ronny got another Wednesday Wahoo!

Sailfishing in QueposBillfish Cup TournamentDouble Hopkup Sailfish









February 10: Michele and James Olquin group aboard the 33’ released 3 Sailfish and also got a Yellowfin Tuna

February 8: David Porretta and Nicole spent a half day Inshore aboard the 27’ Costa with Captain Ricardo and having lots of Bait today got 2 Jacks, 4 Yellowtail Snapper and lots of Needlefish. Taylor Perdue aboard the 33’ Dawson with Captain Kelvin at the Helm today released 10 Sailfish

February 7: Day 3 of the Quepos Billfish Cup clients Anders Oldenburg and Martin released a total of 6 Sailfish they had a Marlin on but it broke the line. Taylor Perdue aboard our other 33’ Dawson released 6 Sailfish and the Jeff Burke group on the 45’ Viking fishing their second day released 1 Sailfish. The 28’ Carolina Classic targeting eating fish ended the day with a 50 lb. Wahoo

February 6: Day 2 of the Quepos Billfish Cup clients Anders Oldenburg from Finland had a total of 5 releases on the 33’ Dawson while clients Jeff Burke, Tom, Kevin and Robert aboard the 45’ Viking also released 5 Sailfish and clients fishing out of Los Suenos on the 32’ Released 9 Sailfish

Barracuda Fishing QueposRooster Fishing QueposFishing Quepos









February 5: Mark and Joanne Delaney, Frank and Diane Bianco and Beverly Kelley all spent a fun morning of inshore fishing with Captain Ricardo and Rudy. Having a double Hook up on Barracuda and landing both. A nice Yellow Tail Snapper and 2 Roosterfish while Offshore was Day 1 of the Quepos Billfish Cup with 13 participating boats the 33’ Dawson MoonWalker released 8 Sailfish and a Mahi Mahi putting them in 8th place for Day one with Anglers from Finland.

February 4: Kenny and Terri on the 33’ Dawson released 5 Sailfish and 1 Mahi

February 3: Boys from Finland on their 2nd practice day aboard the MoonWalker released 8 Sailfish and 5 Mahi

February 2: Tony Vitollo and his brother aboard Reyo Del Sol released 5 Sailfish while clients from Finland on their first practice day for the Quepos Billfish Cup being held here in Quepos February 5-7, released 5 Sailfish.

Sailfishing QueposSailfishing in QueposSailfishing in Quepos









February 1: Kenny, Terri, Cindy, Dennis, Jerry and Joe offshore today aboard the 33’ Dawson released 14 Sailfish

January 2015 Costa Rica Fishing Report

Sailfishing in QueposSailfishing Quepos









January 31: The Langs on the 33 released 4 sailfish today. Tony Vittollo and his brother released 4 on reyo fel sol and Alex Calzeda with captain Dale released 8 sailfish

January 30: Carol Zinsmeyer and Jennifer stayed to enjoy Arenas Del Mar while their husbands headed offshore today and released 6 Sailfish, clients Anne Soderman on the 28’ also released 6 Sailfish. At one point they had a huge Bull Dorado on and when it got close to the boat they realized that a huge bonita had hit the bait and the Bull Dorado had hit the bonita so the Bull eventually spit out the bonita! and Capt. Rafa had the jackpot today with 14 Sailfish, Client Shaleen Holmes scheduled for a full day inshore had had so much fun releasing 7 Roosterfish

Double Sailfish Hookup and Release

January 29: Well the inshore bite despite there not being a lot of sardines out there was productive for Leanne and Jerry first releasing a Barracuda, losing a beautiful cubera snapper right next to the boat, followed by 2 nice yellow tail snapper, a jack and a bunch of needlefish, one being huge. Offshore our boats the 33’ with the McWhinnies on their 3rd day started off inshore and ended up fishing offshore for 1/2 of the day with 11 Sailfish, Shaleen Holmes group on the 31’ with Capt. Manuel released 13 Sailfish and Ashley Bengert with her husband Casey and son Cal released 10 Sailfish with Cal releasing the 2 biggest of the day. Afternoon inshore clients had 4 giant barracuda, 6 or 7 Spanish Mackeral and a couple of Jacks

January 28: Scott McWhinnie, Kelly and Tom on their 2nd day offshore hoping for a Tuna today. Wishes granted here with they released 5 Sailfish, got a Mahi Mahi and their Yellowfin Tuna.

Fishing QueposSailfishing Quepos

Sailfishing in QueposSailfishing Quepos


January 27: Scott and Kelly McWhinnie and friend Tom on the 33’ for their first of 3 days with us released 10 Sailfish Today.  Clients on the 33’ Dawson with Rocco released 10 Sailfish and 3 Mahi, The 43’ with Jose released 10 Sailfish and 5 Mahi.  Good eating for everyone tonight.

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Snook Fishing QueposSnook Fishing in Quepos

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January 27: Dave and Tina Everett just returned from their half day Inshore with Ricardo and had 4 really nice snook and 2 Roosterfish and a huge manta Ray. Also right next to them Jeffrey Zabata released a TARPON! Very Very Rare for us here on the Pacific Side Jeffrey has 35 years fishing here and Rudy 20 and have never seen. Stay tuned for pictures and the afternoon Offshore Report

January 26: Dick, Pat, and Eric Nolan released 5 Sailfish on their last day here with us. The Nunallys and the Meyers spent a half day Inshore and had two nice Roosterfish and 2 Jacks

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January 25: Clients Dave and Tina Everett on the 33’ Dawson released 5 Sailfish and 1 Mahi Mahi, while clients on the 35’ Cabo released 14 Sailfish and 1 Mahi Mahi the Mahi of which while they were fighting a sail and the outriggers had lines to the side just dipping in the water and the Mahi came up on that teaser and they got him.  Kenny and Jerry inshore released about 6 Rooster fish and a bunch of Jacks, they had one snook but lost it.

January 24: Pat, Eric and Dick Nolan went offshore with Capt. Kevin and released 8 Sailfish and had 1 Mahi Mahi on their first day of fishing with us. Clients on the 28’ with Capt. Ronny real eased 4 Sailfish.

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Snook Fishing in QueposRooster Fishing in Quepos

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January 23: Its all about inshore the last couple of days with the noontime tides and the schools of sardines (baitfish) lots of anglers getting good action.  Kenny, Joe, and Jerry out on the famous Pink Panga today got 2 nice snook, 5 Roosters and a ton of jacks, the guys who got off from the morning trip also had 2 nice snook and a ton of Roosterfish, clients Matt McCragan on the 33’ did a half day inshore and got 3 Roosterfish, spanish Mackeral, Jacks, a Triple Tail and a nice Red Snapper,  They filled that bucket list by getting every inshore species they wanted.  Offshore clients on the 35’ Cabo with Capt. Danny released 8 Sailfish and also got dinner a nice Mahi Mahi

January 22: Carson Adams on a half day inshore had some fun releasing 3 Roosterfish, Spanish Mackeral and a bunch of Jacks, Ryan and Sheila Dorfman with Rafa wanted a Sail on the Fly so raised a bunch and released 4 but conventionally.  Doug, Jeff, Dave, Chuck and Joe on their 3rd day started out inshore and got a Roosterfish and a Jack and then headed back out and released 5 Sailfish.

January 20:  Doug, Jeff, Chuck, Dave and Joe did it again today releasing 10 Sailfish and inshore clients Ellen and Peter all the way from Norway spent a half day inshore with 3 Roosterfish, Mackeral and Jacks and a couple on the Fly

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January 19: Kenny, Terri, Willy, Matt, Chris and Jeff went out on the MoonWalker today for a fun filled day with the release of 5 Sailfish and 2 Mahi Mahi which will make for some great Sashimi tomorrow night.

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January 18: Doug Field group out here today for a full day offshore showing em how its done.  11 Sailfish released a great turn around from some tough fishing the last few days. Fred and Margaret Thompson who sailed in this morning on the 30’ also released 5 Sailfish for their first trip to Costa Rica and taking advantage of the great fishing here.

January 17: With Warm water in close the boats are having to push further out to find colder water.  Boats that went out to 53 miles were rewarded with 7 Sails and 3 Mahi and the 33’ had 3 Sails and a Mahi while the 33’ that was on a 3/4 day and at 30 miles had on a nice fighting Wahoo but it broke the line and they raised 1 Sailfish.

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January 16: Kevin Ekleberry and wife Sharon didn’t have anything planned today so why not spend another day offshore.  They released 3 Sailfish out again with Capt. Jerry while the offshore bite had slowed, Kenny and Terri went out for some eating fish and got 1 Red Snapper.

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January 15: Kevin Ekleberry fishing his second of 3 days here but staying inshore for some action with Roosters released 5 Roosterfish and 2 Catfish while the offshore bite slowed considerably with water temps up to 88 and 89 degrees Benny and Tarina raised only 1 Sailfish today.

Sail Fishing in Quepos

January 14: Offshore today for clients Paul Rheinlander with his son Brandon released 3 Sailfish and had 1 Mahi Mahi, while Benny Luyt and his wife Tarina here all the way from South Africa were out with capt. Jerry and also released 3 Sailfish and Bruce Karhu and the boys inshore released 4 Roosterfish and 1 Catfish, had a Mackeral on but lost it.

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January 13: Bruce Karhu, Jimmy and Jerry on a full day offshore with videographer Nick Batten onboard capturing the fishing action both above and below the surface released 2 Sailfish and had one Mahi Mahi.  The clients out on the Tres Ninas had 8 Sailfish, a Marlin and 3 Dorado.  To check out the videos produced for clients go to

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January 12: Clients Kristian Kolfliak and his wife spent an amazing day offshore aboard the 33’ Dawson with Captain Kevin taking the numbers for the fleet today with 10 Sailfish released, Kevin Ekleberry fishing offshore today with Capt. Yeri released 3 Sails and both the 33’ Dawson with Capt. Rocco and the 31’ with Capt Manuel both had 7 Sailfish released and 1 Mahi Mahi

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January 11: Long time Client Bruce Karhu, Tom, Jerry and Jim spent first day inshore and presto we have lunch. Tomorrow heading offshore with photographer Nick Batten for the “Catch of a Lifetime!”

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Bruce Karhu long time client and friend fished two boats inshore today  Bruce and Tom with Capt. Luis had 6 Red Snapper, a nice Roosterfish and Spanish Mackeral and Jacks, the Mackeral for lunch on Monday and the Jerry and Jim had a Spanish Mackeral and a Jack.

January 9: Gale Vought on the 33’ Dawson with Capt. Rocco on a 3/4 day released 3 Sailfish

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January 8th: Randy Turner and his Family had an amazing day offshore today. Randy boarded the 33’ Dawson and told the first mate that he has fished all over the world and today would like a Marlin, well as you have it we do Fulfill bucket list requests. 2nd bite of the day produced a 350 lb. Blue Marlin that was fought for 1 hour prior to his release followed by the release of 4 more Sailfish. Family boasting the best fishing they have ever had in their whole lives. Thats what we do so well!

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January 6: Adrian Borrego and Sam hired our videographer Nick Batten today to capture their offshore day with us. With the release of 5 Sailfish and a Mahi Mahi they had an awesome day and Nick of course captured their underwater release.

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January 5: The Rabun family spent a full day offshore today and yes under the Full Moon and had a great day with the release of 6 Sailfish and a Dorado.  Fishing is great here in Quepos.
Underwater Sailfishing in QueposSailfishing in QueposUnderwater Fishing in QueposFishing in Quepos
January 4: Peter Getman and Savita aboard the 33’ Dawson Today had quite an adventure having never released a Sailfish they were quite excited, seeing Sea Turtles and the dolphins on the way out may have been just amazing enough until they got to release the first Sailfish of the day followed by 3 more and a Mahi Mahi.  Making it very special they hired our videographer Nick Batten who got some amazing footage for their custom edited video of their day including Peter releasing one of his Sailfish was simply put “Incredible!”

January 3: Enrique Garcia and Jenny had a great report with this almost full moon releasing 5 Sailfish and also got 1 dorado for dinner aboard the 33’ Dawson with Capt. Michael at the helm today.  Clients on the 28’ Bertram with Capt. Rafa released 3 Sailfish today and those clients on the 28’ with Capt. Ronnie matched the Dawson with 5 Sails released and 1 Mahi.

January 1:  Happy New Year to all from Quepos Fishing Packages!  We are back to approaching a full moon which has been very productive last month and in January 2014 so we will see what this January Full Moon Brings, the last 2 days our crews have been pushing out to 53 and 55 miles for the bite. Ron Cassada and Jack and their 2 boys on their second full day offshore released 1 Sailfish and also 1 Mahi Mahi today.